Friday, April 6, 2012

Well I got another Boxer

My love for Boxers is evident, I am on my third one now!

My first Boxer was Bella she is absolutely my baby.  The second one I bought my father for Christmas because he was saying he wanted one.  Well, I recently a few months ago bought another boxer!

Her name is Shiner and she is fawn and white with a black eye.  She is your typical boxer full of energy and excitement.  She has been fairly easy to train and she is growing into a gorgeous dog!

I am not sure that my baby, Bella, likes her though.  She is used to sleeping all the time and the puppy does not give her a chance to sleep when we are home.  The three boxers are great buds and get along amazingly~!

Am I crazy to go for a fourth boxer?  Time will tell.

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